Rapid Machine Learning NEW

Speedy evil robot

We utilize a proprietary Rapid Machine Learning algorithm to learn visitors' browsing habits in realtime. No typewriting monkeys or wheel-running hamsters to train, just instant speed improvements for everybody browsing your site.

Loda's RML is completely automated Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) and as such requires no interaction from you to work. Once you enable machine learning on your site, Loda automatically sends relevant data to our neural net for processing, and enhancements are pushed live to visitors on your site.

Click Anticipation


Normally, visitors clicking on a link on your website will fetch the linked page from your server (which has to read and parse it before sending it) before displaying it in their browser window. Loda overrides web browsers' default page loaders and fetches the target page before the visitor clicks the link... or even hovers over it. Then, when the visitor actually clicks the link, the page loads instantly and without a server fetch.

Page Cache

Cache visualization

Every preloaded page is cached into memory so it only has to be fetched once. As a visitor navigates your site, the cache is rapidly built, so they never have to fetch the same page twice. The cache is automatically updated if your site-version is higher than the cache's. Loda utilizes RML to auto-cache pages commonly navigated to from specific pages, and does so unobtrusively in the background (WIP).

Perfect Failover

Advertised failure

Reliability is always the #1 priority, so we've designed Loda to fail as elegantly as possible. If the RML server goes down, the client-side Loda script can run headless, performing click anticipation, page caching, and CSS acceleration with no issue. Even if the Loda client-side script somehow fails, your website will function normally, just without the boosts Loda provides. This is possible because Loda requires no special DOM modifications to run -- it works with standard anchor tags and only applies optimizations to them upon page load.

Copy+Paste Implementation

Copy and Paste implementation

Loda may be a complex piece of digital equipment, but it's designed from the ground up for ease of use. All you have to do to benefit from Loda's many features is copy+paste a single line of code into your pages' <head> tag. That's it. Everything else is automatic.

Event Anticipation

Hover foresight

Possibly the zaniest feature Loda provides is the ability to trigger hover events before the cursor actually mouses over an element. Using the same movement-prediction algorithm powering the click anticipation and autocaching, Loda tracks cursor movement and accurately predicts when an element is about to be hovered over, adding the .prehover class and triggering the prehover event before the cursor even touches the element.

So Crazy It Works

Crazy as balls

We're proud to say Loda is probably the craziest JavaScript library ever invented. We load pages before they're needed, trigger events before they occur, and pack Rapid Machine Learning into a single <script> reference. No, this isn't some April Fools joke, this is the real deal.

Sometimes crazy is a good thing.